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Forum Thread: Trouble with the WiFi Tether TrevE Mod

What I did was everything in the instructions. It is running, however my GS3 is popping up a Security Notice saying that the TrevE was trying to access an area that is restricted to it. So the Security blocked it. This is what I can only assume is why I am not able to see my phone actually broadcasting a WiFi signal. I go into programs and my notification window and it does stat TrevE is running, but I am not seeing the WiFi singal on my laptop when trying to connect. I see other around me, j...

Forum Thread: Rooting Galaxy S3 Mini Using Motochopper

I Read Your Submission On ""Rooting the Galaxy S3 (for Mac Users). It Was Very Interesting Indeed. I Recently Bought a Galaxy S3 Mini (GT-I8190N, Ver. 4.1.2) and Realise That My External 32 Gb SD Is Useless Unless My Device Is Rooted....and Many Other Such Disadvantages.My question to You Is: Does the Motochopper Rooting Work for a s3 Mini Too? Does CASUAL also Work for a Mini? If Not, Can You Please Help Me as I Need Access to My Ext Storage Drive, and There Seems To Be a Lot of Conflicting ...

FAQ: Odin

What is Odin? Odin is a Windows program used to flash, upgrade and restore Samsung phones using special firmware files specific to your phone.